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Building a successful business takes more than just a great idea. Do you have enough cash to keep things running?

Mastering Positive Cash Flow for Your Business

The major reason why most small businesses fail is almost always the same: cash flow. Even the best companies are susceptible to business-ending cash problems. This guide will give you a better understanding of your business cash flow as well as tips on how to proactively keep your money flowing.

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Obtaining Professional Assistance

If you don’t feel like you’re equipped to analyze and improve your cash flow situation on your own, work with an accounting professional. An accountant can analyze the difference between your cash flow projections and actual results and empower your business to get on a path to better finances.

For some people, starting a business is one of the most exciting, rewarding events of their lives. Unfortunately, too many companies fail after only five or fewer years of existence. To increase your odds of lasting business success, you must prioritize optimizing your cash flow — and this office can help. Contact Merriman Tax Services for more information today!

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The Difference Between Cash Flow and Profit

Tips to Stay Afloat

Keeping the Money Flowing Long-Term


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